JBS Wide Body Manure Spreader

The JBS Wide Body Manure Spreader is one of the biggest manure spreaders on the market, it is available in both tandem and tridem axle. It has a carrying capacity of 65,000 lbs – 100,000 lbs depending on the suspension package you choose. The suspension on the Wide Body Manure Spreaders allows for great maneuverability. The Wide Body Manure Spreader can spread all types of manure and comes standard with a guillotine gate and a Vertimax attachment with dynamically balanced twin vertical augers. Any JBS Wide Body Manure Spreader can easily switch between manure and silage by adding extensions and tailgate.



  • Length: 20' - 34'
  • Level Capacity 592ft3 - 1,006ft3
  • Width: 7' 4"
  • Heaped Capacity: 740ft3 - 1,258ft3
  • Height: 4'
  • Standard Features:

  • Auger gearbox protection via shear bolt
  • 2 3/16" diameter rear drive shaft
  • Reversible cutters
  • Long-lasting composite floor shaft bearings
  • Size 8 CV head on tractor PTO shaft
  • One piece 1/2" UHMW flooring
  • Spinner cowling
  • WR78 floor chain
  • Steel idler sprocket with bronze bushings
  • High capacity spring or hydraulic suspension
  • Optional Equipment

  • Hurricane attachment
  • Front and rear axle steering
  • Wall extensions
  • Multiple tire options
  • Equal angle hitch
  • Paint and decal packages
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Hydraulic suspension over 30'
  • Barn door or swing silage tailgate
  • Tandem Brochure Tridem Brochure



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