JBS Float-Maxx Manure Spreader

Worried about ground pressure in your fields? Well don’t be! The JBS Float-Maxx Spreader has you covered; with only 11lbs per square inch of ground pressure. JBS Float-Maxx Manure Spreader has the lightest footprint of any manure spreader of its size. Instead of having only 6 wheels, the JBS Float-Maxx has 33′ of track on the ground at all times so you have be in the field even in the worst conditions. The JBS Float-Maxx Manure Spreader has a massive carrying capacity of 1500 ft3 or 110,000lbs.

JBS Track Manure Spreader


  • Level Capacity: 1175 ft3
  • Heaped Capacity: 1500 ft3
  • Standard Features:

  • Auger gearbox protection via shear bolt
  • 5/8" grade 100 long link floor chain
  • Reversible beater knives
  • High capacity track system
  • 2' tapered wall extensions
  • 2 7/16" diameter rear drive shaft
  • Long lasting composite floor shaft bearings
  • Equal angle hitch
  • One piece 1/2" UHMW floor
  • Quick attach beaters
  • Optional Equipment:

  • Hurricane attachment
  • Paint and decal package
  • 100,000-110,000 lbs track system
  • Hardox beaters
  • Silage kit available
  • Scale and rate controller systems
  • Download Brochure



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